Miehlbradt Consulting Ltd.

Who We Are

Alexandra Miehlbradt - Director

Aly has worked in private sector development for over 25 years as an implementer, trainer, researcher and consultant. Aly is known for her client-centred technical assistance, backstopping, design, documentation and review services, as well as effective knowledge management, training and facilitation. She has written a variety of widely used publications on PSD and results measurement. Aly opened Miehlbradt Consulting Ltd in 2008 building on 10 previous years of independent consulting. Aly is a leader in the global effort to improve monitoring and results measurement and the effective use of information in PSD. She has helped a wide variety of organisations - both programs and donors - to develop or improve their monitoring and results measurement systems. Aly is also an innovator in improving global capacity in this area, for example by training and mentoring other consultants. Aly maintains several, long-term backstopping arrangements with market development programs in Asia and the Pacific.
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Holm Miehlbradt - Director

Holm is the business manager of Miehlbradt Consulting Ltd. He is also actively consulting in civil engineering for power generation projects. Holm hold Masters degrees in Civil Engineering and in Business Administration.
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Miehlbradt Consulting Ltd. is a member of the Mazi Group, a consortium of consultants specializing in market systems development and monitoring and results measurement. The other Mazi Group members are:

Phitcha Wanitphon

Phitcha has over 25 years of experience in the private sector and PSD. His consulting work builds on a strong foundation of programme implementation and management. Prior to entering consulting, Phitcha was Deputy Director for the GIZ Thai-German Programme for Enterprise Development. Since becoming an independent consultant in 2011, Phitcha has established a reputation as a highly effective technical adviser. Based in Bangkok, he focuses on private sector development and results measurement as a trainer, technical consultant and auditor. Phitcha is a certified auditor for the DCED Standard on Results Measurement and has helped a wide variety of organisations improve their monitoring, better use information in decision making and report more credibly to their stakeholders.
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Nabanita Sen Bekkers (Opportunities Unlimited B.V.)

Nabanita has been working in private sector development and results measurement for over 15 years. She played a vital role in setting up the results measurement systems in Katalyst Bangladesh, Trademark East Africa, MSME Cambodia, and M4C in Bangladesh, amongst others. In this role, she also provided technical input to designing and implementing interventions that would create systemic and sustainable change. Nabanita is also supporting the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development with its work in results measurement. She has authored several technical papers on implementing the Standard for results measurement and also co-authored the DCED Reader on measuring private sector development in 2012. Nabanita's contributions and fields of interest are in results measurement, pro-poor growth strategies, and combining market-led development with other systemic development approaches.
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Hans Posthumus Consultancy

Hans Posthumus has over 30 years of experience in private sector development. As a consultant, he has contributed to the design, review and development of several Private Sector Programs. Hans provides technical assistance to value chain and market systems development programs. Hans is recognized as an innovative and collaborative trainer who often pioneers in new fields, tests new approaches and develops new learning methods. Hans regularly conducts workshops and courses in results measurement and market system development. He is a trusted resource for agencies in PSD and results measurement. Hans started Hans Posthumus Consultancy in 1998 after working as a resident team leader since 1986.
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Harald Bekkers (Opportunities Unlimited B.V.)

Harald has close to 20 years of experience in engaging the private sector for development outcomes, as an academic and as a development professional. Harald graduated from Wageningen University and Research in 1997. After completing a Ph.D. at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research on the role of business development services in India in 2005, he joined the Katalyst Market Systems Development (MSD) program in Bangladesh. In 2008 Harald started his own consultancy business with a focus on strategy and design, management and HRD, and results measurement. In 2011 Harald helped launch the Market Development Facility (MDF) and, as the Team Leader, led its expansion into a unique multi-country Facility, active in five countries in Asia and the Pacific. In 2018 Harald returned to consulting. Harald is interested in harnessing the energy of the private sector and commercial finance to achieve development outcomes in relation to poverty and inclusion, women's economic empowerment, youth employment, nutrition, urbanization and climate change. He enjoys making MSD work in unconventional markets.
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